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Pool Use Guidelines

The 2019 Pool Season just kicked off. There are changes you'll want to know before heading for a swim. 

Let's start with we have monitors managing the entrance in the gate, enforcing the pool rules and guidelines, and general cleanliness in and around the pool area. You will be asked to show your ID in which your name and address must match the issued key fob list. So, do not let others use your fob.  

The monitors will not let you in if your key fob does not work. However, they can provide you information on who to contact to reactive your fob.  Click the "Find Out More" to the right of this page for specific instructions and to review the pool rules and guidelines.


The pool monitor is responsible for making on-site decisions. Any disagreement with the pool monitor’s decisions may be presented to the Owners' Association Board by emailing turtlerockboard@gmail.com or calling 704-377-0114.

The pool monitor has the authority to require anyone to immediately and temporarily leave the pool facility for infractions of the rules, inappropriate behavior, or when safety is threatened.  Violating any pool rule and/or failing to comply with the pool monitoring staff instructions or direction may result in loss of pool access.  The monitor will notify the Board and key fobs will be deactivated immediately and the fob holder will be scheduled for a hearing.  Pool monitors have been instructed to contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police on individuals who do not follow or ignore pool rules.  Individuals vandalizing and/or trespassing at the pool will be prosecuted.  

Homeowners may bring up to two guests per visit per household to the pool. A member of the homeowner’s family MUST be present with the guests.  Request to bring additional guests must be submitted and received 48 hours in advance by contacting the Owners' Association Board at turtlerockboard@gmail.com .  House guests may not bring their own guests to the pool.

A childcare provider/nanny not a member of the Turtle Rock residents' family, is permitted to use the pool while watching homeowners’ children. The homeowner must submit the name of the individual and the time period in writing to the Owners' Association Board at turtlerockboard@gmail.com.

Smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, or the use of any tobacco product is not permitted within the confines of the fenced pool area, including the restrooms, or within 50 feet of the pool house and entrance to the pool area.

All lost articles turned over to the pool monitoring staff will be kept for seven days for reclamation and possible retrieval by the person losing the article.  All unclaimed articles will be disposed of at the Board's discretion.

Pool rules and regulations are intended to provide maximum benefit to residents while maintaining a safe and wholesome environment for the community.

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To request a key fob download the Pool Access Request Form and follow the instructions.